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Company Profile

I. Company Profile

       CHUITIAN It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of hyper-convergent wisdom tower pole. The company was established in January 2020, with a registered capital of 148 million yuan, in accordance with the target requirements of building the first R & D platform, the first technology system and the first manufacturing capacity in the smart tower pole industry, has now formed a super-converged smart pole covering、Kunpeng CHUITIAN Cloud、CHUITIAN Algorithm Platform etc.Software and hardware product systems serving the new infrastructure of smart cities and the Industry No.1 machining,galvanizing and spraying workshops.

II. Laboratory

       Established the first key edge computing lab in Henan Province with HUAWEI in April 2020,The company relies on HUAWEI-CHUITIAN edge computing lab,Focus on Hyper-Converged Smart Pole,Researching Hyper-converged Smart Pole Adaptive Arithmetic Algorithms,Achieving CHUITIAN's strongest arithmetic algorithm in the industry;Jointly build Kunpeng Cloud Computing Center with HUAWEI,Create the most intelligent brain of CHUITIAN in the industry;Development of ultra-low power sensing devices and IoT systems,Empowering hyper-converged poles with the strongest IoT access capabilities。Now we have set up an innovative R&D team led by national experts, led by a number of doctors, with the participation of many research institutions and jointly developed by HUAWEI, and are striving to build a highland of innovative talents with career security, the ability to continuously train post-docs and gather top talents from home and abroad.

       The company focuses on technology research and development,Smart Pole Engineering Technology Research Center of Henan Province, Smart Pole Regional Technology Innovation Center of Henan Province, Key Laboratory of Hebi City, and、Kunpeng CHUITIAN Cloud Adaptation Center、Hyper-Converged Smart Pole Adaptation Center etc.R&D Platform;Environmental backscattering project approved as a major science and technology innovation special project in Hebi,R&D team was approved through the Hebi City Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team,And undertake the Hebi City, Henan Province to unveil the list to hang the project project。Up to now, we have applied for 145 patents, 25 software copyrights, and published 8 SCI/EI academic papers; 14 technical achievements have passed HUAWEI technology certification and entered the Kunpeng ecosystem, and are the first to be selected as "HUAWEI Preferred".

III. Core products

       Company core products Hyper-Converged Smart Pole Rely on cloud, edge and end technology structure,Focusing on the smart pole wisdom algorithm, research equipment low-power communication, build smart pole systematization software, support equipment ubiquitous interconnection, realize the pole digital management, to create the industry's strongest IOT access capability, edge computing capability, convergence technology capability.

      Hyper-Converged Smart PoleNot only can realize the spatial management and intelligent services of urban roads, but also will use new sensing technology and integrated management mechanism to upgrade the traditional "pure load-bearing" roads, which are only used for traffic and people, into "perceptible, thinking, pan-connected, cloud coordination". The elements of the integrated urban road perception service space.


IV. Intelligent manufacturing line

       Through cooperation with Tsinghua University and the Sixth Institute of China Machinery, the company has built the first intelligent Intelligent Manufacturing production line in China.Manufacturing production line, which is the first modern Intelligent Manufacturing enterprise in the industry that realizes production automation, equipment intelligence and green process. Manufacturing enterprise. The factory covers an area of 13,000 square meters and consists of Intelligent Manufacturing workshop, intelligent galvanizing workshop,intelligent painting workshop and intelligent assembly workshop, which can realize the whole process of Intelligent Manufacturing such as cutting, bending, welding and painting. The production line has the production capacity of processing 50,000 sets (rods) of Intelligent Pole per year, and has created four firsts:

• China's first Smart Pole Intelligent Manufacturing line;

• The first fully intelligent electrostatic spraying line in the industry;

• The first large-tonnage, intelligent and high-precision bending machine in China;

• The first environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanizing production line in the industry.

V. Market Expansion

       The company's independent innovation and development of hardware and software products sales network has covered Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Xinjiang, Jiangsu and other provinces, and in Zhengzhou, Zhumadian, Xuchang, Xinxiang and Hebi and other places to carry out a number of project construction; at the same time combined with the national, provincial and municipal 5G development strategy policy, is building Hebi City 5G new infrastructure(Hyper-Converged Smart Pole+Edge Computing+Application Scenarios)Demonstration construction projects。

By developing new business such as electric power tower pole, communication tower pole and bridge structure safety system, we have expanded the cooperation channels of key customers such as Henan State Grid, Henan Tieta, Henan Gaofa Group, Longchao Group and Zhengzhou Aviation Port District New Port Group, and successfully entered the supplier channels of HUAWEI, 360, Baidu, Henan Land Investment Group and other enterprises.


Development History


CHUITIAN Technology arise at the right time

At present, we have formed a hardware and software product system that covers the new infrastructure of smart city such as smart pole, 5G gateway, Edge computer room and AIoT city service platform.


HUAWEI and CHUITIAN Technology Establish First 5G Edge Computing Lab

HUAWEI-CHUITIAN 5G Edge Computing Lab established on April 8, 2020


Obtain HUAWEI technology certification

Obtain HUAWEI technology certification


Obtained China National Compulsory Product Certification

Obtained China National Compulsory Product Certification


Established CHUITIAN Intelligent Manufacturing factory

Established CHUITIAN Intelligent Manufacturing factory

Enterprise Honor


CHUITIAN Public number two-dimension code

CHUITIAN Public number two-dimension code

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