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Henan Provincial People's Government on accelerating the construction of smart city documents

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        Municipalities under the jurisdiction of the people's government, Jiyuan demonstration zone management committee, the provincial directly administered county (city) people's government, the provincial people's government departments:

        In order to implement the "Henan Province to accelerate the development of digital economy implementation plan", healthy and orderly promote the province's new smart city construction, promote the digital economy and new urbanization integration development, enhance the modernization of urban governance, agreed by the provincial government, the following views are put forward.

I. General requirements

(i) Guiding principles.

Guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, comprehensively implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, deeply implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Henan Province, firmly establishing the new development concept, promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity with information technology, promoting the construction of new intelligent cities in a graded and classified manner in accordance with the requirements of improving urban governance, the Public service capacity as the focus, to institutional innovation as a guarantee, strengthen government guidance, promote a new generation of information technology and urban planning, construction, management, services and industrial development, comprehensive and deep integration, to achieve urban governance intelligent, intensive, humane, effectively enhance the city's comprehensive carrying capacity, creativity, competitiveness and the people's sense of access, happiness, sense of security.

(ii) the basic principles

        1. People-oriented, convenient and beneficial to the people. To solve the "pain points" of urban governance as the main direction, highlighting the people, people-friendly, people-friendly, focus on promoting the modernization of government governance capacity, promote the equalization of public services, convenient, enhance the people's sense of access, happiness, security.

        2. Top-level design, system layout. Coordinate the development layout, strengthen top-level design and classification guidance, clarify the key content and standards of the new smart city construction, promote integration and optimization and synergy sharing, and realize the construction mode from decentralized construction to common construction and sharing.

        3. Government guidance, multiple participation. Strengthen the government's leading role in planning, coordination, policy support, application demonstration and other aspects of guidance, play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market, encourage construction and operation model innovation, focus on stimulating market vitality, and improve the sustainable development mechanism.

        4. According to local conditions, scientific and orderly. Demand-oriented, according to the scale and development characteristics of the city, according to local conditions, the city policy, the application of advanced and applicable technology, grading and classification to promote the construction of new smart city, orderly promote the application of industry wisdom, to avoid greed for the whole, repeat construction.

    (iii)the main goal. By 2022, build a number of distinctive features, agglomeration and radiation drive greatly enhanced, comprehensive competitive advantage significantly improved, in the protection and improvement of people's livelihood and innovative social management and other aspects of the effectiveness of the new smart city, explore a new smart city development path in line with the provincial conditions, to promote 1-2 pilot cities to reach the national level of first-class smart city.

II. General structure

        The province's new smart city construction to provincial cities and Jiyuan demonstration area as the main body, in principle, based on "a platform, three systems, four applications" of the integrated architecture planning and implementation, the counties (cities, districts) can rely on their own needs to carry out the unified municipal pivot platform of special wisdom applications.

        Construction of a platform: construction of a new type of unified smart city pivot platform, convergence of the city's massive data, the formation of a unified data resource pool at the municipal level to support the effective operation of various industries, systems and cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral, cross-regional information sharing and business collaboration, the realization of a unified pivot platform relying on the municipal division of labor, linkage development pattern.

        Build three major systems: build a new generation of information infrastructure system to provide unified network, computing, storage, IOT perception and other resource services for the construction of a new type of smart city; build a standard specification system to promote data sharing and business collaboration in accordance with the province's unified standards and specifications in each provincial city and Jiyuan demonstration zone; build a network security system to realize the integration of urban network security situational awareness, monitoring and early warning, emergency disposal and disaster The integration of disaster recovery.

        Carry out four major applications: demand-oriented, on the basis of making full use of existing resources, and in accordance with the idea of strengthening common use, integration and open application, focus on four types of intelligent and innovative applications for urban governance, livelihood services, ecological livability and industrial development.

III. Key tasks

(i) Promote the intensification of infrastructure.

        1. Accelerate the construction of 5G (fifth generation mobile communication technology) network. Strengthen planning guidance, do a good job of 5G base station construction planning and all levels of territorial spatial planning, control detailed planning convergence work. Promote the construction of China Mobile Network Cloud Zhengzhou Region Node and China Unicom 5G Core Network Central Region Center to consolidate and enhance the province's national network hub status. Actively promote 5G network scale deployment and continuously expand 5G network coverage in cities, along highways and vertical industry application scenarios.

        2. Continuously improve the high-speed broadband network. Promote the comprehensive upgrade of "all-optical Henan" and build a high-speed fiber-optic broadband network covering the whole province. Improve the 4G (fourth-generation mobile communication technology) network, and build the NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) network to meet the needs of Internet of Things applications. Accelerate the upgrade of IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) for industrial Internet and broadcasting backbone networks, and actively promote the evolution and upgrade of networks, applications, terminals, etc. to IPv6.

        3. Coordinate the construction of the Internet of Things perception system. In accordance with the principle of "coordination and intensification, moderate ahead of the old and build new", coordinate the planning and layout of the city and important industries and fields of perception infrastructure, accelerate the deployment of various types of sensors in key areas such as bridges and buildings, underground corridors, transportation facilities, public spaces, etc., and promote the in-depth application of Internet of Things technology to build a city "neural network".

(ii)promote the refinement of urban governance.

        1. Development of intelligent transportation. Construction of comprehensive coverage, ubiquitous interconnection of transport infrastructure system, transport equipment operational state perception system and intelligent transportation service system, focusing on urban traffic congestion, parking and other issues, real-time road conditions, bus, subway, railroads, flights, long-distance passenger transport, parking and other data acquisition and mining analysis, to promote "5G + Beidou satellite "high-precision positioning applications, to provide the public with travel services such as congestion prevention and path optimization. Promote the construction of "5G + intelligent public transport", and explore the integration of vehicle-road cooperation traffic model.

        2. Development of intelligent city management. Promote inter-departmental data collection and connection, build a digital city management system with "one platform for scheduling and one set of process disposal", comprehensively cover comprehensive urban management law enforcement, municipal utilities, landscaping, urban sanitation, and people-friendly services, and open up the whole process of law enforcement, scheduling and services online to support urban management decision-making Scientific, precise governance and efficient services.

        3. Development of intelligent security. Accelerate the construction of public security video surveillance networking integration applications, build a full time and space coverage, intelligent technology prevention and control network, improve security prevention and control, investigation and detection, social management, service to the public and other capabilities. Further improve the emergency command information system, deepen the production of safety, public health emergency management, disaster prevention, mitigation and relief and other areas of information sharing, business collaboration, and enhance the online monitoring of emergencies, early warning and emergency response capabilities.

(iii)to promote the facilitation of livelihood services.

        1. Develop intelligent medical care. Accelerate the integration of telemedicine systems and build a province-wide unified telemedicine application system based on the 5G network. Promote the demonstration application of 5G in mobile emergency, teleconsultation, telecare and other scenarios. Actively develop "Internet + medical" and encourage medical institutions to develop new models of online and offline integrated medical services covering pre-consultation, consultation and post-consultation. Establish a universal social security information service system, speed up the realization of cross-regional transfer of multiple types of insurance, network settlement for medical treatment in different places, and provide social security card "one card" services.

        2. Development of intelligent education. Implementation of education information technology demonstration and leading project, accelerate the construction of intelligent (digital) campus, build networked, digital, intelligent, personalized education system. Encourage the development of catechism, digital library, etc., rely on 5G network to carry out remote collaborative teaching, virtual operation training, promote the application of wisdom education in holographic remote interactive teaching and other fields, carry out 5G experiential teaching, and promote the sharing of high-quality educational resources.

        3. Develop smart finance. Accelerate the integrated innovation of digital technologies such as blockchain, promote cross-border integration between Internet enterprises and banks, insurance and other financial institutions, and develop new models and new business models such as unmanned banks, 5G smart banks and smart payments. Strengthen the collection of enterprise credit information and improve the functions of the provincial credit information sharing platform.

        4. Development of intelligent tourism. Strengthen the construction of intelligent tourism infrastructure, create a number of intelligent tourism scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, and cultivate a number of "Internet + tourism" innovation demonstration base. Integrate tourism data resources, improve the set of sharing, publishing, marketing, scheduling, command, decision-making in one of the smart tourism applications, to provide tourists with safe and accurate "food, housing, travel, tourism, shopping, entertainment" information services. Apply "5G+VR/AR+4K/8K" technology to create new cultural tourism online application scenarios.

(ⅳ)promote sustainable ecological livability.

        1. Implement intelligent ecological and environmental monitoring. Improve the ecological environment monitoring network, promote the integration and application of geospatial data, and realize the monitoring and early warning of environmental elements such as air, water, noise, radiation and soil. Implement online monitoring of energy consumption of key energy-using units, and comprehensively improve the energy efficiency of enterprises. Apply intelligent water conservation control, urban dust pollution source monitoring and video control, motor vehicle emission control, automatic monitoring of key pollution sources and other systems to improve ecological and environmental monitoring capabilities.

        2. Create an integrated intelligent community. Accelerate the construction of online and offline combination of intelligent community service system, and promote the integration of community services and management functions. Promote the standardization and standardization of intelligent community construction, and carry out intelligent community security, mobile personnel management, parking services, mail and express mail storage and other intelligent applications.

(v)promote the digitalization of industrial development.

        1. Accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing. Implementation of digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and actively carry out pilot demonstrations of 5G in equipment manufacturing and other fields, the construction of intelligent factories and intelligent workshops with advanced levels of industry. Strengthen the introduction and cultivation of intelligent manufacturing system solution providers, and encourage leading manufacturing enterprises to cooperate with Internet enterprises to build "5G + industrial Internet" industry platform. Accelerate the promotion of enterprise "on the cloud", guide enterprises to infrastructure, business systems, equipment products to the cloud migration. Actively develop service-oriented manufacturing, large-scale personalized customization, networked collaborative manufacturing and other new models and new business models.

        2. Promote the construction of intelligent parks. Comprehensively enhance the level of construction and leading ability of Longzi Lake Wisdom Island in Zhengzhou City, Zhengdong New District, accelerate the quality development of Zhengzhou-Kai Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and provincial-level big data industrial park, gather all kinds of data resources and elements, and make it a gathering place of high-end talents, innovation application center and industrial development highland. Accelerate the intelligent upgrading of industrial clusters and professional parks of modern service industry, promote the construction of intelligent demonstration parks of industrial clusters from pilot demonstration to comprehensive promotion, and realize infrastructure networking, development and management informatization, functional service refinement and industrial development intelligence.

  IV. Security measures 

        (i) strengthen organizational leadership. In the province to promote the development of digital economy departmental coordination and joint work mechanism to promote the coordination, the provincial Development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the provincial departments concerned to develop and improve specific measures to strengthen supervision and coordination and service guidance to promote the implementation of new smart city construction-related policies in place. Municipalities under the jurisdiction of the provinces, Jiyuan demonstration area should be combined with their own reality, research and development work program, clear focus on tasks and measures to promote the construction of new smart city work.

        (ii) improve policy standards. Provincial market supervision bureau in conjunction with the network information, development and reform, science and technology, industry and information technology, natural resources, housing and urban-rural construction and other departments to accelerate the establishment of the province's new smart city standards system, encourage enterprises, industry associations, technical units, etc. to actively participate in or undertake the development or revision of new smart city standards, rules. Establish and improve the new smart city evaluation index system, regular evaluation.

        (iii) strengthen the elements of security. Innovative investment and financing models, promote the establishment of a new type of smart city development fund, explore the implementation of the "government to buy services, enterprises to do operations" market operation mechanism, encourage enterprises to participate in the construction and operation of the new type of smart city through EPC (Engineering Contracting), PPP (Government and social capital cooperation) and other ways. Play the role of financial funds at all levels to guide, support the implementation of new smart city demonstration projects and major projects, key technology research and development, talent training, etc.. Encourage institutions of higher learning to establish new smart city talent training base, cultivate multi-level, composite, practical talent.


        (iv) to carry out pilot demonstrations. From the key areas, key links, select the comprehensive conditions of the central cities, new urban areas or key areas to carry out early and pilot, to explore the new smart city development path, management, promotion mode and guarantee mechanism. The work of fast and effective provincial cities (Jiyuan demonstration area), the priority recommended to declare the national wisdom city pilot. Identify a number of provincial wisdom city pilot.

        (v) strengthen the management of information security. Strengthen the wisdom of the city network security planning, construction, use, improve network security protection system, improve network security protection capabilities. Strengthen the security protection of critical information infrastructure, enhance the defense capabilities and management of critical information infrastructure. Implement data security and personal information protection system, regulate the collection, use and management of important data and personal information. Crack down on illegal network crimes in accordance with the law, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

General Office of Henan Provincial People's Government

July 10, 2020

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