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5G Smart Pole integrates into smart cities to achieve high quality urban development

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        There is an important and interesting law in traffic science called "Dangles Law", which simply means that new road facilities will induce new traffic, and traffic demand always tends to exceed traffic supply.The smart  Pole not only solves road traffic problems, but also enables future urban planning.

        5G Smart Pole,The new light pole is equipped with intelligent terminals such as "5G micro-station sensors, street lights, cameras, traffic lights, guidance screens, advertising screens, broadcasting, one-touch alarm, rechargeable batteries, charging piles", and based on these intelligent devices, it realizes the ability of urban management and convenient services, realizing "one pole for multiple uses and One pole multi-purpose, one pole multi-purpose", in the city to achieve full coverage of the 5G network, travel route guidance, temporary parking instructions, free WiFi use and other scenarios. So, this is not just a replacement of the light pole, the replacement of the masses more comfortable and convenient living environment.

        Smart Pole has now become an important carrier for smart lighting and smart city construction, and it has been integrated into smart city application projects and new infrastructure models that are bound to achieve high-quality urban development.

Integration Features

        Street lighting poles have the characteristics of continuous, uniform and dense deployment, and are the preferred carrier for consolidation of all kinds of poles, chassis, supporting pipelines, electric power and monitoring facilities in the joint pole improvement project.

1、Combined pole Rectification and treatment works——Rod integration


        It is mainly the common lighting pole, traffic sign pole, signal pole, monitoring pole, road name plate pole, monitoring pole, bus stop pole, parking guide indication pole, etc. on the road.

2、Combined pole Rectification and treatment works——Power Distribution Box integration


        It is mainly the integration of road lighting control, security, traffic, road administration and communication equipment and other chassis.

3、Combined pole Rectification and treatment works——Equipment Integration


        The integrated pole can carry surveillance cameras as well as various signs such as instructions, bans, warnings and signs.

4、Combined pole Rectification and treatment works——Public Facilities Integration


        Includes sidewalk facilities such as manhole cover monitoring, traffic management facilities such as car stop piles, public transportation service facilities such as public transportation stop signs and public transportation kiosks, and public service facilities such as garbage bins and fire hydrants.

Advantages of the Smart  Pole

        Beautify the road landscape and reduce the waste of space resources

        It is conducive to solving the duplicate construction of road pole facilities, repeated excavation of road surface and pipeline resetting, resulting in urban landscape and waste of ground space resources. The wisdom of the pole to achieve "multi-pole integration", using the access capabilities of the wisdom of the street lamp pole gateway, a pole can be equipped with intelligent lighting light control, cameras, environmental sensors, information screens, network micro base stations, traffic signals and other functional equipment.

        Resolve management chaos and improve O&M efficiency

        Various road pole facilities are under the management of different departments, and the data of each management system is relatively closed, making it difficult to collaborate to provide linked municipal services. The construction of information intelligent wisdom Hopper pole system, intelligent pole controller can monitor and analyze data centrally, directional distribution, pole-carrying equipment can also be adaptive control equipment operation strategy, such as intelligent lighting, intelligent signal lights, etc.

        Integrating high technology and providing intelligent municipal services

        Smart Hopper integrates IoT sensing, edge computing, composite communication support and cloud-based intelligent control technologies to provide intensive and shared data services for building a modern new smart city and support the realization of scenario-based applications in smart transportation, smart parks, smart parking, smart driving and other fields.

        Information infrastructure, building a smart future city

        The construction of data, information and intelligent future city can not be separated from the support of huge fine data. Wisdom Hop Pole IOT wisdom pole as a wisdom data collection terminal distributed in each street, can monitor and collect rich and comprehensive traffic data, environmental data, IOT operation data, etc., to improve the response and interaction mechanism of pole-road-vehicle-thing, and realize the improvement of urban refinement management operation service.

        Right now, the rapid development of 5G has accelerated the process of a new type of smart city based on the 5G Smart Pole. Among them, the wisdom pole plays an indispensable role. The existence of the wisdom pole not only organically integrates high-quality resources, but also realizes the wisdom of urban management and effectively improves the efficiency of urban operation and maintenance.

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